Our Story

our inspiration | Our Essex studio is located in a stunning rural location, surrounded by open fields, woodland and the Blackwater estuary. Inspiration can be taken in so many forms; whether it is the colours seen in the changing seasons; the outline and forms taken on the blossoming flora or the leaves as they start to fall but most of all, our wildlife visitors that inhabit all our local surroundings. It is hard to ignore the beauty that the countryside has and we try to capture this is each of our lovingly designed and created pieces. 

materials & environmental impact
| We source our materials from Great Britain as much as possible. It is incredibly important to us to produce quality products in a country that has an amazing history of design and manufacture. We use smaller, less known businesses where possible, as we want to support growing businesses and individuals in a thriving industry.

We often source raw materials from what would be considered waste or end of line products with the aim to give them a new life and repurpose them. We try to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as much as we can and as a result produce very little waste ourselves. We even use the offcuts, to incorporate into our other products, making each of them unique and different.


production | We are incredibly proud of the fact that we produce ALL of our products ourselves. Producing all the products in-house means we are confident that you will be receiving a product that has been made by a talented and skilled craftsman. We put a lot of time, energy and love in to each and every piece. It is important to us to create purposeful and functional pieces with a twist, whether it is humour in our fun and characterful creatures or colour combinations. 


where it all started | LaudyMcB Designs was initially created by the duo Laura and Andy, whilst Laura studied a Textile degree at the University of Huddersfield and Andy within agriculture. Both shared a love of the rural, rustic life, all things British and Tweed. This is where the dream ignited one merry night; both aspired to create a business that combined their loves and lives; sheep farming, the countryside and textile manufacture.

"LaudyMcB Designs" was born from a combination of the two names, surnames and nicknames. 

After a devastating set back, "we" became "I". Following this Laura took on a new direction and went on to become a Design Technology teacher in Essex, where she tried to motivate and inspire young people to be as passionate and interested in design as she is. After many years of teaching and having the business slowly growing on the side, Laura finally gave in to the creative pull and her true love and passion of designing and making her own products.

Laura is now a full time creative director of the business. She works on designing and creating a collection of products that can now be branded "LaudyMcB Designs".