HUGO Puffin Side Profile
HUGO Puffin Side Profile
HUGO Puffin Side Profile

HUGO Puffin Side Profile

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This piece of art features a side profile of HUGO Puffin. 

Our artwork is created by carefully cut out pieces of British wools and cotton. These are then topstitched, with multiple colours using free motion embroidery. This adds colour, tone and texture to the study, whilst giving each piece its own character. 

Each study and jigsaw of material is the same, however as free motion is like drawing with a machine, each piece will look slightly different, with it's own character, making each piece quite unique.

Available framed or unframed. Our framed option has the facility to hang on a wall or placed on a sideboard. The unframed version is mounted.

As this is a stitched piece please bare in mind that occasionally there may be a slight pucker of material, this is considered part of the piece. We produce limited numbers of each design.


Image size: 15cm x 15cm

Frame size: 25cm x 25cm